AMP Wake

The carefully structured design of the AMP Wake is ideal for jacking big bass up from their shallow cover haunts.
The blunt lip makes the perfect wake by its hard wobbling side to side action on the surface of the water, creating an enticing “rippling” sound that just forces a fish to bite.
The AMP Wake does not dive, it stays on top leaving a trail on the surface for a bass to seek and destroy.
It’s built in weight distribution system allows the bait to be cast a mile and it’s over the top looks puts it in a class all of its own.

#1 Ayu
#21 Ayu Nickel
#22 Golgen Shiner
#24 Firetiger
#25 Sunfish
#28 Black Reflector
#29 Ayu/Holo reflector
#33 Shad
#49 Pink Gold
#50 Mesh Back Red
#52 Okinawa
#53 Wakasagi
#54 Pinky Shad
#55 Blueback Chartreuse
#56 Mesh Back Shad
#57 Bone
#59 Clear
#60 Hot Shad



  • Type : Floating
  • Weight : 1/2oz
  • Color : 19colors
  • Price : -
  • Length : 2.4"
  • Depth : Surface
  • Hook : -

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